ABOUT Magnum 7 Ltd.

MAGNUM 7 has been established in 1990. MAGNUM 7 is a leading Bulgarian Company, in providing complete/full refrigeration equipment in numerous food production and retail outlets. MAGNUM 7 offers design, delivery, installation and after-sale service of all refrigeration equipment. MAGNUM 7 has installed refrigeration equipment in more than 540 stores around Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia and Cyprus. Now the company provides a guarantee and after–guarantee maintenance for more than 400 food retailers in the country. MAGNUM 7 is recognized as a reliable partner to vast number of Bulgarian and international retail chains and production companies The management of the company is presented by: - Board of the owners - Manager MAGNUM 7 has its own: - Head office in Sofia - Wide warehouse - Specialized service transport - Specialized transport for equipment MAGNUM 7 has implemented software product SAP™ ERP All-in-One. The system has been integrated for only 8 months. The software product we have fastly achieved the expected results: - Optimization and improvement of customer related services. - Maximizing operation efficiency - Improve accountability in support of management decisions. - Better creativity and company culture achievement MAGNUM 7 has further invested in SAP CRM software for the needs of the newly established department - Call Center. The Call Center is a brand new department in MAGNUM 7 that has been established recently. It is considered to be the single point of contact for Maintenance and Repair services in regards of customer technological and building installations and equipment. Our Call Center provides: - 24/7 Hot line support – we accept your service requests at: 02/ 445 55 55 - A professional team of technical specialists to provide better management of service operations - A specialized software SAP CRM for better management of customer relations - A specialized software application for achieving real time communication with service groups an subcontractors. - A Web Portal that keeps our customers updated about their service requests’ status and completion. We achieve: - Real time reporting - Optimal time and resource planning of service orders completion - Improved quality of service - Less paper documents and better communication with customers, employees and suppliers - Updated status information of the Customer equipment and opportunity to submit fast reports and recommendations.


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