ABOUT Regola Engineering

Regola Engineering designs new air conditioning systems as well as works on existing systems in order to improve their performances. The company's competence in the automation sector is the reason why Regola Engineering has been chosen to act as the authorised maintenance centre for leading companies such as Siemens Building Technologies and Carel.

Though the company's seven sectors of competence it:

  • Designs and constructs units and equipment;
  • Designs mechanical, electrical and automation systems;
  • Researchs and develops new systems, units, equipment and specific elements;
  • Develops software to manage systems, units and equipment, with the possibility of integrating them with remote controls via the Internet, GPS or other systems;
  • Provides project-based consultancy services;
  • Start up, verifies and carries out final testing on systems, units and equipment;
  • Measures elements within a physical environment and run laboratory tests on units and equipment.


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