ABOUT Resource Data Management

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Resource Data Management has over 10 years experience providing innovative and cost effective control and remote monitoring solutions to many of the world’s biggest companies. With a global distribution network in Europe, Asia and North America, RDM specialises in two key areas:

Control Solutions

Resource Data Management designs and manufactures a wide range of control equipment for applications such as refrigeration, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning(HVAC) and Building Control (BMS). While designed to provide maximum networking flexibility, the control elements are also able to operate independently of one another without loss of functionality. The full system can be a mixture of distributed intelligence, front end control and off site control to meet your requirements.

In addition to process control, many RDM products include energy saving features which are guaranteed to help you reach your targets for energy reduction and carbon footprints, saving you money and helping reduce your environmental impact.

Remote Monitoring

As well as manufacture of controls, Resource Data Management can provide a 24 - hour, 7 days a week remote monitoring and management bureau running our own Active FMTM software. The bureau can access data over standard telephone networks or the Internet and the team constantly monitor the data as it happens.

Resource Data Management can then take action depending on the nature of the problem and the Client's instructions. Their systems are designed to be fully transparent and to give the Client immediate access to all the data and decision making via comprehensive online reporting.

From basic alarm monitoring to a fully integrated Facilities Management Resource Data Management can provide a solution.


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