SEDCO Division of Primore, Inc.

ABOUT SEDCO Division of Primore, Inc.

SEDCO has been a leader in the design and manufacture of valves for numerous applications. The primary focus has been on Pressure Relief Valves for Hermetic Compressors (sometimes called IPR Valves) and Automotive A/C Systems (sometimes known as HPRV's).

SEDCO manufactures, also, valves for braking systems and numerous other automotive applications. The common denominator, regardless of the application, is SEDCO's ability to design and manufacture highly reliable valves. The company welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your most difficult gas or fluid control problems.

SEDCO can design and manufacture a cost effective valve solution to meet your needs. And, when required, SEDCO can individually test each valve and validate the opening pressure, flow and leak rate. This can be done for less than 10,000 or over 10,000,000 valves. 


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