ABOUT Westermeyer Industries Inc.

As the refrigeration industry continues to research alternative refrigerants , Westermeyer Industries (WII) has continued to be on the cutting edge of pressure vessel design. WII has expanded its product offering becoming the only company with a full line of code approved high-pressure components supporting operating pressures of subcritical & transcritical CO2 systems. Components include oil separators, oil reservoirs, accumulators and receivers. All of the products are designed to handle pressures up to 1885 psig.

Westermeyer Industries designs, manufactures, and distributes high-quality commercial components and accessories for the air conditioning and refrigeration industries. More than just a supplier, the company strives to be a component and accessory problem-solver. This "can-do" attitude permeates all Westermeyer Industries projects and is continually demonstrated through the company’s commitment to engineering creativity and design ingenuity.


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