Greening the Cold Chain: CO2 in the Industrial Sector

Carnot Refrigeration webinar hosted by sheccoBase will provide an update of the latest trends in adoption of natural refrigerant-based technology in industrial refrigeration in North America (and globally).

The webinar will highlight the expectations for future developments and will also explain the benefits of CO2 in industrial refrigeration compared to H(C)FCs, ammonia and low-charge ammonia.

New technological developments, particularly for compressors, have allowed CO2 transcritical systems to reach higher capacities and capture a part of the industrial refrigeration market.

This market is moving towards CO2-only systems, partly due to the safety and technical challenges of using traditional ammonia.


Marc-André Lesmerises, President - Carnot Refrigeration
Bob Hampson, Owner - Canneberges Becancour
John Miranda, Founder and Chief Marketer - Emergent Cold Technologies
Alvaro de Oña, Chief Operating Officer - shecco

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Oct 20, 2020 - Oct 22, 2020 - in Online, United States of America