• Suitable for subcritical and for transcritical applications with R744
  • Max. allowable working pressure: Type ERM5: 60 bar / type ERM5-CDH: 130 bar
  • Max. allowable ambient temperature: 45°C


Designed for all common compressors, the ERM5 series is now approved for pressure differences of 1.5 up to 100 bar, and a maximum working pressure up to the solenoid valve of 130 bar. The main body connected to the compressor is approved for 60 bar or even 130 bar (type: ERM5-CDH). The new regulator types are available with a 3/4-bolt-flange or a 1.1/8”-18 UNEF threaded compressor connection (further sizes/versions on request), the main dimensions and all connectors remain unchanged.

Technical data in detail:

  • Max. allowable working pressure: Type ERM5: 60 bar / type ERM5-CDH: 130 bar
  • Working pressure differences oil return: 1.5 … 100 bar
  • Controlled stepwise oil refill cycles: filling - measuring: 5 sec / 10 sec
  • Approved for a wide range of refrigerants: HFC / HCFC, R744 (CO2), R290, R600a, R717 (ammonia)
  • Max. allowable ambient temperature: 45°C
  • Max. allowable oil / medium temperature: 85°C
  • Power supply: 230 V 50/60 Hz – 1Ph ± 10 % (Power supply output terminal 1/2/3: 230 V permanent)
  • Max. load terminal 1/2/3: 50 Hz 18 VA – 60 Hz 15 VA
  • Load. alarm relay max.: 250 V / 5 A
  • Solenoid valve: Normally closed (NC) / Max. operating cycles: 10 m
  • Protection class: IP 54
  • Volume: 0.05 l

All well-known advantages of previous ESK regulator series will remain:

  • Made from high-quality material, the electronic components are designed and produced in Germany
  • Suitable for subcritical and for transcritical applications with R744
  • Superior control accuracy and oil supply of the compressor in line with demand due to multi point measurement
  • Alarm function in case of overfilling or underfilling and for activated emergency operation program
  • the emergency operation program secures the reliable oil feed even in adverse conditions
  • Integrated 230 V power supply
  • All components like solenoid valve, electronic module and connectors of the selected product type are already completely factory mounted (”plug and play“)
  • Changeable oil filling ratio for special working conditions via a programming key
  • Modular and service-orientated design for an easy failure analysis, all components can be exchanged for service separatly
  • For all common compressors adapters are available on stock
  • Quality product - Made in Germany

Fur further information, please refer to the brochure below. The 3D files (.sat) and customer’s drawings can be downloaded from our website. ESK's Application Engineers will be pleased to advise and support you personally.


Electronic Oil Level Regulators ERM5 / ERM5-CDH

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