• Energy-efficient CO2 cascade refrigeration system
  • Designed utilising the subcritical refrigeration cycle in a cascade arrangement to refrigerate the low temperature group of merchandisers and freezers through direct expansion of the CO2 refrigerant

Basic Specifications

  • CO2/HFC cascade refrigeration system
  • Medium temperature group of merchandisers and coolers use circulated CO2 in a secondary loop configuration
  • Low temperature group uses direct expansion CO2


  • Minimal HFC charge, low GWP conventional refrigerant
  • More energy efficient that pumped CO2 systems.
  • Faster cool down and recovery from defrost than conventional systems
  • One refrigeration rack for both medium (refrigeration) and low temperature (freezing) cooling
  • Reduces GWP by approximately 50%
  • Back-up receiver cooling available, minimizes charge loss on system shutdown
  • Efficient in all ambient climates
  • Full technical support and training available


  • Supermarket and cold storage applications
  • Refrigerated merchandisers and walk-in coolers/freezers
  • Applicable to all ambient temperature applications
  • Inquire about Ammonia/ CO2 cascade systems


Kysor/Warren CO2 refrigeration 

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