• New models of oil separators for natural refrigerant CO2, made of special steel
  • Built-in oil reservoir developed for transcritical applications- patent pending


Dena Line presents new oil separator models for natural refrigerant CO2.The separators are made of special steel, with built-in oil reservoir, and developed for transcritical applications- patent pending.

Basic Specifications:

  • Maximum working pressure PS 130 bar
  • Permissible temperature TS - 40/ -120°C
  • Corrosion resistance on salt spray at 250 hours according to standard ASTM-B117, 1000 hours resistance on customer request
  • CE marked
  • Volumes and connection sizes: upon customer request
  • Optional: sight glass, electrical liquid level sensor and valves/connections
  • Filtration: mechanical oil filter
  • Integrated oil reserve
  • Transcritical applications - compressor displacement up to 120m3/h


  • Trial function: separating the oil from the refrigerant gas, receiving oil through an integrated oil reserve, filtering impurities and dirt of the refrigeration/ air conditioning system
  • Lengthy life cycle and reliability: the innovative mechanical oil filter lasts longer than the standard filtration method therefore the system does as well
  • High performance
  • Cost saving: no filter replacement cost, integrated oil receiver
  • Custom design


  • Heating and cooling applications using CO2


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