• Energy Saving in Ice Arenas
  • Technical Expertise
  • Energy Analysis
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EKA, Energi & Kylanalys, are specialists in the field of refrigeration, energy analysis and energy efficiency in ice arenas.

Energy Saving in Ice Arenas

  • Technology Inventory: Site-visit to determine the technical status of the plant and a report with proposed actions and associated cost estimates.
  • Tender specification: Based on the inventory report and the client's wishes a technical tender specification is established.
  • Tender: Review of the tenders received , the energy calculation for comparison and life cycle cost analysis.
  • Implementation: Supporters in taking the advanced technical discussions with suppliers.

Technical Expertise

EKA can be hired as a technical expert in litigation. The company has several references both nationally in Sweden and internationally in the role of experts in legal disputes on technical matters. This may include everything from technical systems performance, CO2 refrigeration, and characteristics to patent cases.

Energy Analysis

EKA performs studies and analysis of energy systems. This may involve verifying energy or cooling system performance or troubleshooting. EKA has the equipment and expertise to measure most types of energy systems. On the basis of this, conditions are created for better cost and energy efficiency.

Public Research

EKA can be engaged as a project manager or partner in research projects.

Research & Development

EKA has broad expertise and extensive experience in refrigeration technology and energy efficiency. R&D can include everything from individual components to complete systems. On scientific basis, EKA designs, tests (laboratory or field) and evaluates the energy and refrigeration systems. The results are presented so that comparisons with the client's own and other systems are possible.

Courses and Training

EKA develops and performs customised training programs and courses in areas such as refrigeration technologies and energy efficiency. This may include courses for schools as well as for companies and other organizations.

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