EptaBlue CO2

By Epta, published Jul 26, 2017

100% natural and completely integrated with a store’s HVAC system.

EptaBlue becomes even more green, with the unveiling of EptaBlue CO2

To anticipate the requirements of the sector, that has become increasingly oriented towards the choice of green solutions in response to international regulations, Epta offers innovations based on natural refrigerants for every store format and all climate conditions, that ensure the highest level of energy saving, a reduction in carbon footprints and the safeguarding of resources. The Group’s commitment to developing technologically advanced systems is confirmed with the introduction of EptaBlue CO2.

This is a solution that is 100% natural and completely integrated with a store’s HVAC system. Designed by Epta to respond to the requirements of small and medium stores to limit energy consumption, reduce the installation complexity of refrigeration systems, whilst guaranteeing excellent returns on their investments; this is the essence of the new EptaBlue CO2.


  • Enables normal temperature and low temperature cabinets and cold rooms to be equipped with their own refrigeration unit.
  • This transforms them from remote cabinets to plug-ins, by exploiting a water circuit that can be cooled by a Dry Cooler unit, or connected to a heat pump for the complete recovery of the energy that can be used again to heat the store.
  • The cabinets and cold rooms are also equipped with variable speed BLDC compressors. These enable the refrigerating capacity that is emitted to be adapted to the load of the refrigerated unit and to external conditions, such as the number of people in the store and the time of day and time of year, in order to guarantee the upmost respect for the environment.
  • It has hermetically sealed circuits, for a complete elimination of losses and reloading costs of the refrigerant.
  • It generates an additional saving for Retailers, by eliminating the need for the annual inspections required by the F-Gas Regulation for verifying whether there have been any leakages.

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