• Supercritical CO2 heat pump system
• For medium to large scale facilities


With the supercritical CO2 heat pump, Mayekawa has developed a new heat pump system that generates hot water by recovering heat energy from any waste heat source.

Technical details
  • Capacity: up to 22.000 litre of hot water per day (with inlet 15°C, outlet 90°C)
  • Weight: 1060kg
  • Width x length x height: 1140mm x 1293mm x 1919mm
  • Flow rate water heater: 8 - 35 litre/min
  • Flow rate water cooler: 100 - 3-- litre/min
  • Inlet pressure: 0.15 - 0.49 MPaG
  • Max. capacity for 65°C hot water supply : 119 kW (inlet water temp. of 10°C)
  • Max. capacity for 90°C hot water supply : 110 kW (inlet water temp. of 10°C)
  • For industrial and commercial use
  • High efficiency for combined cooling and heating
  • Stable performance throughout the year
  • Equipped with Mayekawa’s very efficient high pressure reciprocating CO2 compressor


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