Hecu sistema is the CAREL high efficiency solution for condensing units in commercial refrigeration applications. It has now been further developed to work with natural refrigerants, by integrating management of DC inverter compressors with CO2 refrigerant.


By using DC inverter compressors, the Hecu sistema can offer real modulation of cooling capacity, so as to achieve low energy consumption above all at part loads. Such very high performance attainable with CO2 means the system helps reduce the carbon footprint of refrigeration systems, an area of special interest for the food retail industry.

The high reliability of the solution dramatically reduces system down-time. The CAREL approval process also assures definition of the optimal electrical parameters, by testing all the critical points for each compressor so as to avoid all issues in the field. Hecu sistema also stands out for its real-time communication with the refrigerated units, allowing implementation of advanced system optimisation logic, with dynamic set points and extremely stable control in order to ensure perfect food preservation and reduce food waste.

Hecu sistema is available for medium and low temperature applications, with one evaporation line.


  • New efficiency frontier: energy savings and sustainable technology
  • Innovation suitable for everyone: easy-to-use, fully-integrated CAREL equipment
  • No food waste: high reliability, no system down-time
  • Always connected: total connection with CAREL supervisory systems

Main functions and features:

  • Availability of DC inverter compressors for CO2 refrigerant
  • Wide and real capacity modulation to maximise efficiency at part load
  • Self-optimisation through real-time communication with indoor units
  • Energy savings of up to 25%
  • Lower noise
  • System solution in compact, fully-integrated equipment
  • Intuitive programming and fast commissioning procedure
  • Compact dimensions and weight, considerable reduction in TCO
  • Reliable performance with precise compressor envelope control
  • No system down-time for oil return issues thanks to an advanced software feature
  • Food quality and preservation: stable product temperature ensuring by modulating device and floating set point
  • Always connected with tERA system from smartphone, tablet and PC: better quality and less management tasks
  • Performance monitoring, full settings management and periodical reports
  • Benchmarks, dashboards and business intelligence tools applied to commercial refrigeration systems


Technical specifications:

  • MT evaporation management: single DC inverter compressor
  • LT evaporation management: two-stage system with 2 DC inverter compressors
  • Gas cooler and high pressure system control
  • Integrated driver for HPV and RPRV (flash) EXV valve management
  • Serial connection to MPXPro controllers on the cabinets
  • Oil recovery and injection management
  • Vapour and liquid injection management



  • Small/Medium store formats
  • Condensing units


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