iProRACK Controller

  • Solutions for advanced compressor racks with up to 2 circuits and 12 compressors per circuit
  • Designed for the management of CO2 applications 


The iProRACK family of electronic controllers manages racks with standard refrigerants, CO2 subcritical applications and transcritical CO2 booster systems. It directly controls the high pressure valves, heat recovery systems and parallel compression.  The iProRACK series is designed for all kind of compressor racks (scroll, semi-hermetic, multi-stages, different capacity and screw compressors).

The series is characterized by the most advanced technology in connectivity and processing speed. It is based on a powerful platform that includes one hardware configuration that is able to expand the actual solution in the market. Among main features: 10 conf. probe inputs, 10/15 conf. relays, 20 conf. digital inputs, 6 analog outputs, Ethernet and USB (host) communication ports, 200MHz CPU, 128MB flash memory capacity, 32bit processor and RS485 serial output.

The iProRACK family comprises one model in 4 DIN format (IPR208D), two in 10 DIN format (IPR215D for standard applications and IPRC215D for CO2 transcritical applications) and two expansion modules, (IPX206D and IPX215D). There is also the possibility to connect up to two XEV20D drivers for the stepper EEV management.

An intuitive and useful HMI is given by the Visograph 2.0 (graphic LCD display) or Visotouch (touch screen display), which gives concise information about the variables of the compressor rack.

Relevant functions & features

  • Heat recovery for transcritical CO2 rack
  • Parallel compression for COP optimization
  • Safety conditions for MT
  • Liquid and hot gas injection valve management
  • Management of gas leak detectors
  • Management of electronic fans or fans with inverter via ModBUS
  • Coresense™ integration via ModBUS connection
  • Special algorithms for energy saving
  • Sub-cooling management


  • Condensing units
  • Compressor racks
  • Advanced compressor racks
  • Compressor packs


iProRack leaflet

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