• High-strength copper alloy tubes for CO2 120 bar
  • Excellent processing properties which are similar to those of copper
  • New! Additional size of 53,97 x 3,55 mm


High-tensile copper alloy tubes (plain and innergrooved) for connection lines and heat exchangers such as CO2 gas coolers, evaporators and internal heat exchangers.

Basic specifications

  • For CO2 (R744) 120 bar at an operating temperature of 150 °C
  • Joining and bending capabilities similiar to standard copper 
  • Pressure & corrosion resistance and high tensile strength
  • Customized dimensions to fit any kind of application
  • Material: special high tensile copper alloy Wieland K65, slightly magnetic and can easily be distinguished from copper by means of a neodymium magnet
  • New! Additional standard size of 53,97 x 3,55 mm
  • Dimensions: from 5mm up to more than 54mm, customized, according to the needs of the application
  • High surface cleanliness for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration applications
  • Available in straight lenght and in level-wound coils
  • Enhanced heat transfer surface possible

  • Main advantage: mechanical strength of K65 material; because of this, the K65 product series for 120 bar can be made with comparatively thin walls
  • K65 tubes can be brazed to K65 fittings manufactured by IBP Conex | Bänninger
  • The light weight of pipelines made of K65 means not only a significant saving in material, but also easier handling, for example when mounting the tubes on ceilings
  • Excellent processing properties which are similar to those of copper
  • High tensile strength and yield strength even after brazing and at high temperatures
  • Processible on existing machinery: brazeable, bendable and expandable
  • Excellent corrosion resistance


  • High-pressure pipeline systems, particularly for CO2 as a refrigerant
  • Commercial and Industrial refrigeration
  • AC applications
  • Heat exchangers for CO2



Brochure: K65 tube and fitting system

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