• Subcritical CO2 rack with parallel compression
  • Ideal for replacing multiple units
  • Compatible with Dorin or Copeland compressors

Kirby engineered racks are specifically designed to share the refrigeration load between multiple compressors, provide supreme reliability and fail-safe operation (redundancy) in critical applications. The parallel compressor application provides optimal efficiency year-round in variable climates and changing load conditions.

Heatcraft offers an extensive range of commercial refrigeration equipment, including made-to-order Kirby Rack Systems manufactured in Australia and designed to meet Australian/ New Zealand standards. Kirby Racks are synonymous with: low maintenance, ease of installation and high performance.
Kirby Rack systems can be tailored for all refrigeration & HVAC applications, as well as all sizes, installations and refrigerants, including CO2. The platform is ideal for sites that have multiple units requiring replacement. Through peak load sharing and equalised run times on each compressor, the life expectancy of the rack system is extended. 
Kirby Subcritical (R744) CO2 Racks for superior performance and longevity 
The Kirby Subcritical CO2 Rack Systems are a premium package, which can be coupled with any Kirby high stage system. These systems have a proven installed base and are engineered for superior performance and longevity. Their robust, compact frame allows for fast installation and an extremely stable operating platform, with minimal vibration and noise levels.
Standard features:
  • Semi-hermetic and/or scroll compressors configured on the standard frame
  • Fully insulated headers, lines and components
  • Vertical receiver configuration allows minimal refrigerant charge and optimum liquid seal
  • Compressor sub-frame assembly for reduced noise and vibration 
  • Gauge panels and pressure transducer locating points
  • Minimal field connections of relief points with manifold changeover for all locations to aid maintenance, saving time and money
  • Oil supplied for rack charging on location 
  • Enhanced Kirby package incorporates a suction reheat system providing superior compressor protection
  • Superior leak testing and pressure verification process
  • Pressure tested with nitrogen and delivered with pressure charge for system integrity verification
Incorporated into the framework of the system is the option for an on-board air cooled economizer and auxiliary cooling unit. The parallel compression system can be configured with two, three or four compressors matched to a defined refrigeration load. The condenser configuration can be singular or multiple as determined by customer requirements. 
Kirby racks can be built with Dorin or Copeland compressors. An optional pre-wired platform with integrated system control allows for “Ready to Run” configuration.
About Heatcraft
Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, LLC is the operating division of Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration that manufactures premier commercial refrigeration products under the BOHN™, Larkin™, Climate Control™, Chandler™ and InterLink™ brands. The company provides customers with advanced refrigeration products through superior innovation with a commitment towards continuous improvement, highest standards of quality and service, and a driving need to be the first choice in refrigeration solutions.


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