Oil Reservoir RES7 - 130 series

• Optimized for transcritical HT, MT and LT applications
• Seven-liter oil reservoir with provisions for sensors or sight glasses


Temprite developed the 130 Series, a comprehensive R744 product line of coalescent oil separators, oil reservoirs, and filter/drier shells, specifically for transcritical CO2 applications. The 130 Series features the most efficient and cost-effective oil/refrigerant filtering and separation technology available.

Basic Specifications
  • Like all Series 130 components, the RES7 seven-liter oil reservoir is rated for 130 bar service for high-pressure liquid CO2.
  • The RES7 reservoir has provisions for inserting a sensor or high-pressure sight glass to monitor the reservoir\'s oil level.
  • Additional ports can be added for extra capacity.
  • The seven-liter capacity of the RES7 makes it ideal for larger systems.
  • After filtering out dirt and separating oil from the CO2 refrigerant, the clean oil is returned to the compressor crankcase for continued lubrication of the moving parts.
  • Individually adjustable mounting feet allow for variable field leveling and adjustment.


Temprite Product Catalog 2013

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