OM4 and OM5 TraxOil Oil Management

OM4 can be used for subcritical CO2 systems. OM5 TraxOil has been specially developed for transcritical CO2 applications.


The Emerson TraxOil oil management is a self-contained and reliable electronically controlled system with an integrated solenoid valve, which feeds missing oil directly into the compressor sump. The sight glass function remains fully available, status and level information is indicated by LED’s. The integrated alarm function with compressor shut down completes the overall proven solution for compressor protection.


  • OM4 for liquid R744 (CO2) subcritical and HFC, HFO/HFO Blends
    • max. working pressure PS 60 bar

  • OM5 for liquid R744 (CO2) transcritical
    • max. working pressure PS 130 bar
    • max. operating pressure differential 100 bar
    • CO2 optimized gasket material
    • Adapters with CO2 optimized gasket material
    • High wattage ASC3-W coil to achieve high pressure differential MOPD of 100 bar

  • Self-contained unit with oil level sensor and integral solenoid to manage oil level supply
  • 3 Zone Level Control by using precise Hall-Sensor measurement, not prone to errors by foaming or light like optical sensors
  •  Alarm, status and level indication by LED’s
  • Supply 24VAC or 230VAC
  • SPDT output contact for compressor shut down or alarming, rating 230VAC / 3A
  • Easy installation by sight-glass replacement and front side mounting without nuts
  • Adapters suitable for various types of compressors
  • Recommended by leading compressor manufacturers
  • CE marking under Low Voltage and EMC Directive


  • Commercial refrigeration


Leaflet: OM4 and OM5 TraxOil

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