“Plug’n Cool” CO2 booster unit

  • Transcritical booster unit
  • Integrated gas cooler

Technical specifications:

  • Cooling capacity from 14 to 200kW NT & from 3 to 55kW LT in booster configuration
  • Unit comprised of up to 4 medium temperature compressors and 2 or 3 low temperature compressors
  • Gas cooler capacity up to 380kW
  • CO2 hot gas defrost system: optional

  • Easy installation (customer only needs to connect the users pipes)
  • HP piping is already installed and tested (no additional cost for welding and high pressure testing)
  • Small footprint
  • High gas cooler efficiency due to 5 integrated EC fans
  • Reduced power consumption


Case Story: "Plug'n Cool" CO2 Booster Unit
"Plug'n Cool" CO2 Booster unit

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