EWCM EO 8/9000 Series

  • Compatibility of sub-critical CO2 systems with V910 plug & play drivers
  • Also supports R290 
  • New algorithm optimised for inverter compressor balance
  • Backup function if the Inverter should fail
  • Fast configuration tool for PC DeviceManager


The new EWCM EO controllers allow you to manage cold room compressors reducing consumption to a minimum. All 8000/9000 series models are fully configurable by the user to manage digital compressors and inverter, digital fans and inverter, up to 2 circuits.

The complete, flexible solution is suited to various plant configurations including sub-critical CO2 cascade plants and glycol plants. The backup function guarantees continuity in systems combined with loads piloted from inverter and relay when an inverter failure occurs, with no need for additional external devices.


  •     EWCM EO 18 DIN-Rail (9900)
  •     EWCM EO 13 DIN-Rail (9100)
  •     EWCM EO 13 DIN-Rail (8900)

EWCM EO 13 and 18 DIN Rail controllers are designed for the more complex, advanced plant solutions;  providing those for direct LV and TN expansion plants and for unified double temperature plants with single condensation. In the near future, we will be able to manage indirect expansion and secondary fluid plants.


Commercial refrigeration



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