TEKO's new series solution is tailored for large supermarkets and hypermarkets. The ROXSTAG6 covers also many requirements in the field of food production and logistics.

Compact design

The combination of powerful 6-cylinder compressors with frequency controlled 4- or 6-cylinder guide compressors enables an extremely compact design for this size of unit. It does not leave out the optimally matched partial load requirements.

(to MT -5 °C / to LT -30 °C / tGC 38 °C)

  • MT 207...550 kW. 3...6 transcritical CO2 compressors
  • LT 0...490 kW. 0...5 subcritical CO2 compressors 

Eco-parallel compression

In larger power ranges (> 80 kW), eco-parallel compression can deliver significant efficiency advantages. In combination with our control concept, it is checked during the operation of the unit whether the ECO-compression is an advantage. Depending on this, the feature is activated or not.


TEKO is happy to advise you which efficiency enhancing technologies are right for your project.

Design pressure

  • 30 / 60 bar suction line (low temperature)
  • 45 / 60 bar suction line (medium temperature)
  • 45 / 60 bar medium pressure
  • 130 bar high pressure side

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