By TEKO, published Mar 12, 2020

ROXSTAmicro is the small and compact CO2 box for direct connection with MT and LT plug & play units.

Air or water-cooled condensing unit

  • Air-cooled version for food retail, commercial kitchens, cold rooms, ice making
  • Water-cooled version for combination with water chillers, dry coolers

The speed-controlled, two-stage rotary compressor offers optimal adaptation to the cooling needs with the lowest possible energy consumption.


  • (to MT -7 °C / to LT -30 °C / tGC 30 °C)
  • MT 0.8...5.4 kW. 1 two-stage CO2 rotary compressor
  • LT 0.3...2.5 kW. 1 two-stage CO2 rotary compressor

Design pressure

  • 45 bar suction line (MT / LT) 
  • 80 bar medium pressure 120 bar high pressure side
  • 130 bar high pressure side

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