• SPW welded shell & plate heat exchanger
  • Pressures of 100 bar and temperatures up to 900°C

  • Description

    Tranter has developed the SPW welded shell & plate heat exchanger that requires only a fraction of the space of an equivalent shell & tube exchanger. It designed for pressures of 100 bar and above and temperatures up to 900°C.

    Technical specifications
    • Operating temperatures: between -200°C to + 900°C
    • Operating working pressures: 100 bar and above
    • Plate range: from 200mm (0.66 ft) - 1000mm (3.28 ft) (depending on the model)
    • Connection plate side (DN): from 25 to 200 (depending on the model)
    • Connection shell side (DN): from 10-200 to 100-700 (depending on the model)
    • Suitable all types of refrigerants, including CO2
    • Extreme performance for extreme conditions
    • Highly efficient
    • Space saving
    Available versions for different applications
    • Fully-welded with a centric plate pack
    • Fully-welded with an eccentric plate pack (evaporators)
    • Removable core for access to the shell side
    • Two plate packs in one shell


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