The new version of the TrilliumSeriesTM Adiabatic Condenser by BAC is now available for up to 215 nominal tons. With it you can reduce energy and water usage and keep running costs low. This adiabatic condenser uses a Self-Cleaning mode and is easy to maintain.

The new version of the TrilliumSeriesTM Adiabatic Condenser is now available. It can be operated with up to 215 nominal tons. The Adiabatic Condenser can thus be used in more commercial and industrial marketplaces than its predecessor.

The TrilliumSeriesTM Adiabatic Condenser only uses water cooling in high temperature conditions, minimising the water usage. With EcoFlexTM controls this happens automatically. The control system increases the amount of subcritical operation. Energy costs and refrigeration charge are kept at a minimum as well. Generally, BAC promises low running costs when using this Adiabatic Condenser.  

The Self-Clean mode and the automatic control systems ensure easy maintenance for the TrilliumSeriesTM.

Key Features:

  • Adiabatic Condenser for up to 215 nominal tons
  • Works with dry cooling when the ambient temperature is below a pre-set point and with water cooling when it is above
  • EcoFlexTM controls regularly check the temperature and determine the type of cooling
  • Standard, Water Saver or Energy Saver logics can be used
  • Works with CO2



  • Patented Dry Coal Adiabatic Design
  • Saves energy and water
  • EcoflexTM Controls enable that water is only used on the hottest days
  • Lowers operation and installation cost
  • Reduces the time of transcritical operation
  • Daily Self-Clean Mode with circulating water to reduce usage
  • Usable in all climate conditions
  • Low refrigeration charge

Industrial and Commercial Marketplaces, such as:

  • Supermarkets
  • Wineries
  • Ice Rinks
  • Distribution Centres
  • Dairies
  • Food Processing



Press Release: TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Condenser

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